Just a reminder: Check on your peeps

Recently, I had the unfortunate and fortunate privilege of hearing some of my closest family and friends say things that made me realize how important it is to just check on with your loved ones. Especially, the ones that don't say much or don't ask for much. I said that it was unfortunate because I... Continue Reading →

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Parenting ADHD

Today I read a story on Instagram about a 15 year old Michigan girl that was jailed for a couple of months for failing to do her school work online. I couldn't even wrap my mind around the trauma that this poor child has just been subjected to by some witch in robe trying to... Continue Reading →

Your Sunday Reminder

As I head into a new week, I am committing at least 10 hours of my next 5 days, to intentional self-care. It has been on my list of things to do, but as a mom, it tends to get shuffled to the end of the list or off of the list completely. Some ideas... Continue Reading →

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