Just a reminder: Check on your peeps

Recently, I had the unfortunate and fortunate privilege of hearing some of my closest family and friends say things that made me realize how important it is to just check on with your loved ones. Especially, the ones that don't say much or don't ask for much. I said that it was unfortunate because I... Continue Reading →

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Love Everyday ❤

Earlier this week I was in a funk about celebrating Valentine's Day because I thought that I didn't have reason to. I've since come to my senses because I know I have every reason to celebrate this day and every other day that I'm alive and well. With all of the things that I have... Continue Reading →

Sunday Mood

Sunday is my last day to recharge and reset for the beginning of the work week ahead. This week, I plan to practice more mindfulness and being more intentional with my thoughts and words. What about? Any tips that you can share with me about how you prep for the new week?

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