Parenting ADHD

Today I read a story on Instagram about a 15 year old Michigan girl that was jailed for a couple of months for failing to do her school work online. I couldn't even wrap my mind around the trauma that this poor child has just been subjected to by some witch in robe trying to... Continue Reading →

Your Sunday Reminder

As I head into a new week, I am committing at least 10 hours of my next 5 days, to intentional self-care. It has been on my list of things to do, but as a mom, it tends to get shuffled to the end of the list or off of the list completely. Some ideas... Continue Reading →

The Way Things Were

I had a conversation with my ten year and twelve year old sons on their feelings about the current pandemic, and let's just say it was eye opening.  As a mom that is still having to report to work while my children are being watched by my mom throughout the day, I am usually consumed... Continue Reading →

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