The Way Things Were

I had a conversation with my ten year and twelve year old sons on their feelings about the current pandemic, and let's just say it was eye opening.  As a mom that is still having to report to work while my children are being watched by my mom throughout the day, I am usually consumed... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day

Happy mother's day to every single mom on today. To be honest, one day of recognition doesn't do us justice but we will take what we can get, right? I'm grateful that God saw fit to allow me to be a mother even though,  I sometime find myself wondering how come God thought that I... Continue Reading →


I have not been able to express myself on this platform in quite some time like I used to. For so many reasons, it has been a struggle for me to pull myself out of this funk that seems as if I'm never going to get out of because something always comes along and causes... Continue Reading →

I’m not ready for this

I hyperventilate from the thought of what is about to become my new normal. My oldest boy is interested in girls, like really interested in girls. He's going to kill me when I finds out that he's the subject of this post but I'm completely beside myself and I just can't deal. So this young... Continue Reading →

August Inspiration

Having been through some uncomfortable seasons recently, I am so grateful for those seasons. If not for that uncomfortable time, I would not be able to reap today's harvest. If you're going through a valley experience currently, look for the lesson you need to learn and once you've mastered it, look forward to your mountain... Continue Reading →

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