We Got This

With only two weeks left until my oldest two boys return to school (insert cartwheels here), I’ve got to get myself together to start back momming it.  There’s a list of things that I’ve had all summer to get done, but have not. I took took a break, I deserved it. I’ve got to start making appoitments for something, I’m sure.  I have to go shopping for school uniform pants and shirts ( Children’s Place has an awesome sale today on their uniform tops and bottoms if you’re cheap like me). Oh and my 10 year and I, along with his pediatrician, are going to have to come to a final decision on whether or not he’s going to take medication this school year for his ADHD (face palm).  Before anyone starts with the comments about he’s only 10 and he shouldn’t be making this decision, save it.  Previously, I prided myself on being one of the most strict parent out of my mother’s three children, but as my boys get older, I’ve found myself being a little more lenient with them.  Not too much, but I do think that my son has earned the right to assist in making decisions on his health care treatment.

I’ve never hidden his disability from him by calling it some nickname that lessens the dirty looks that we may get when I tell folks that he has ADHD. It is very important for him that I am open about some things with him because he does want his voice heard and I can’t help but to notice that he got from his mama for sure.  Also, in the African American community telling folk that you’re child has a disability and that you actually take them to a doctor (gasp) for treatment will most definitely get you some unwelcomed looks and/or comments.  Personally, I don’t care, but my child does and I’ve taught him that there’s nothing wrong with him and no one should make him feel down about having ADHD.  Thanks to websites like ADDA and ADDitude Magazine, I’ve found some uselful tools on treatment options, medicines, therapy, blogs and research regarding ADHD that have helped me understand what the pediatrician is talking about durning our appointments and how I can keep help my son play an active role in managing his ADHD.

I digress.  So as time winds down for me to get my head back into the game, I am going to adult my way through this list of things to do before the kids go back to school as best as I can and if I screw something up, oh well.  We got this…I think.  I would like to know though, what are some things that you give you child (ren) the opportunity to have their voices heard on?  At what age do you think it is appropriate to let them voice their opinions?

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  1. It’s tough business raising kids. Looks like you have a good handle on things. I too have had a summer without the kiddos. It’s odd. They’ll be back in 31 days. Yes, I’m counting,lol. Thank you for your honesty. I enjoyed the post.

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