Build-a- Bear Nightmare

So, were any of you parents brave enough to venture into the lines on yesterday for Build-A-Bear’s pay your age promotion? If you’re like me and still traumatized from ordinary grocery store outings with my troop, that always end in some full blown tantrum by one of us, then you stayed home and watched the ruckus from the comfort of your couch.

Personally, I think the whole thing was a set up to test the sanity of all mom. Well Chuckie Cheese did not want to be out done and said hold my beer. For today only, you can pay your age for 30 minutes of “All Play” at Chuckie Cheese. Again, another set for these poor moms.

Although my family is now on a very, very tight budget, I almost feel like I’m cheating them of cheap fun by not indulging in promotions like Build-A-Bear and Chuckie Cheese. Sure, we could’ve gone and hung out in line all day yesterday for a stuff toy that was going to end up in my living room and eventually the neighbor’s outside trash can (insert evil laugh). We could also go to Chuckie Cheese and let the boys run buck wild and tire themselves out, I would get at least an hour break too, but we’ll bypass all of the madness. I’ll keep my sanity, at least for the day because I have plans to have a nice bath tonight without any little people banging on the bathroom door. I will achieve this by reminding oldest two boys that it’s Friday the 13th and all little boys have to be silent from 7pm tonight until 9 am Saturday morning or they’ll have seven years of bad luck. Wish me luck on maintaining sanity, for the moment, and say a prayer for those mamas and daddies that braved yesterday’s nightmare.

I would like to know if you have ever denied your little one (s) some fun for your own piece of mind?

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