Chill Out Mom

Being the semi-ok-ish mom that I am, I’ve signed my little guys up for basketball with our local recreation department. You know, so that the little people can run off some of that energy that the good Lord so graciously blesses them with daily. We’ve done rec league sports before and I don’t have the most athletic offspring of my parent’s gene pool, but the older two have something that they’re good at. I’m lying, my middle baby boy is not as savvy when it comes to sports as my oldest son is. This is fine to me because he does very well academically, but he thinks that he’s Steph Curry.

When I asked them both if they wanted to play basketball this summer, my middle baby was the first to say that he did because he couldn’t wait to score a lot of points like Steph Curry. I held back my laughter as best as I could because I didn’t want to discourage him from trying something new. Immediately, from the first practice that this was going to a very entertaining season for me. This middle kid though, he was excited about his first game.

He got up early, showered, ate breakfast, and got his Steph Curry sneakers on, ready to bring it. I have a very supportive family so the boys had lot pettiness in their cheering section. Most of all, they came to see how my middle child was going to do. Truth be told, I really excited for him because he doesn’t really understand the basics and he would probably be the kid that would shoot the ball in the other team’s basket. He was happy sitting on the bench and waiting his turn to go in while his mama was praying he wouldn’t make a mistake.

Then, during one of the timeouts. I noticed him dancing and really enjoying the moment. I thought, “why can’t I just do that?” Here I was freaking out about my little Steph-less Curry and he didn’t have a care in the work other than just playing on the team. I was able to relax and enjoy the game with my family and the boy’s team won 12-4. My middle kid claimed that he made all twelve of those points in his reenactment to my sister later on. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

How many of you parents end up missing out on some moments that your children have all because you’re taking things way too serious?

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  1. Great blog. I love it. By far, this is the first exciting sport for them and the family, but you’ll calm down and enjoy seeing them on the court. Just promise me that you will keep them active. I love it when they tell me they’re stories.

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  2. I am definitely that Mom!! I use to get so upset when CJ would play on base with the opposing team instead of holding it down on first base like me and his dad. We would coach him from the sidelines and that still didn’t work. It took his godparents attending one of his games and laughing hysterically before I realized that he’s only 4 and he’s a kid!!!

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  3. I enjoyed reading your article Kayla. Even though I don’t have kids, I have a niece and nephew and definitely can relate being that you want them to do their best. We must let them be kids and enjoy the moment as they are just happy to be apart of an sport. This is the time for them to feel what they like and what they choose to stick with. Never limit them from giving anything a try. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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    1. Thank you so much for your feedback Ayishia. Yeah, I’m going to chill out from now on during their activities because I’m stressing over something that they are so carefree about. Lesson learned.


  4. You’re an AWESOME mother! I really admire your enthusiasm in regards to getting your boys active. I think we missed out on little moments when our kids played sports because other parents and spectators were so mean to the players. They acted like the kids were going to the NBA. NFL or MLB when the season was over! “Ma’m or Sir, your child is 6 years old, have a seat and let them have fun!” Parents and spectators yell and coach the kids too much for me to enjoy the moments.
    Keep up the good work, Kayla!

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  5. As a grandma we attend those games and watch our babies play as y in the corner,playing with team mates but it’s a joy to see them in the game call life. Keep having fun with your boys those memories will last them a lifetime. Wonderful blog

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