High Hopes: Valentine’s Day Edition

“Happy Valentine’s day,” that was what I said to my oldest two boys this morning when I woke them up to get ready for school, but I quickly realized that I had forgotten to put their names on their classmates’ candy bags. My plan for a stress free morning had quickly been thwarted by some stupid holiday because I chose to sleep instead of being supermom on last night. Hey even supermom needs her rest, so rest I did get and it was a good night’s rest. I guess that’s why I was so amped up when I got the boys up this morning. That excitement quickly turned to my panicking at the disco (the song High Hope by Panic! At the Disco is actually played in my head).

Every year I say that I’m not going to make a big deal of the holiday because I end up spending so much money on getting items for the kids to take too school. I should’ve known that on yesterday when I scrolled into Walmart to make my intentional last minute purchase, and the store was more crowded than a college football game in the south during rivals weekend, that valentine’s day was going win out and cause me to spend more than I would like. $70 later, I walked out of the store defeated and used like a Kleenex. Now as I type, I’m wondering if I had gotten enough for all of the kids’ classmates, teachers, and my new employees (did I mention I got a new job?). For $70 everyone is covered and if they aren’t, I’m all cashed out for Valentines day 2019.

The older I get, the less I like these holidays that end up costing me tons of money but somehow I’m left feeling guilty if I don’t participate. I feel like my children will grow up and tell their children that their grandma deprived them of something by skipping out on sending their teachers and classmates treats while the other kids’ parents went all. So for the sake of the kids, mama will play along and go with the flow.

How many other parents feel like they’re being held hostage by Valentine’s day or any other money spending holiday? I can’t be the only one. So much for my high hopes, but anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day readers ❤

2 thoughts on “High Hopes: Valentine’s Day Edition

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  1. I absolutely hate weathering holidays as a parent. I often feel the guilt of making sure our contributions are enough only to be shot down by stay at home moms that create festive, loaded treat bags with more thoughtful ideas. Every holiday I promise to start earlier than the day of or day before to minimize the stress, but nothing changes. As much as I love celebrating, I hate celebrating as a working mom. It’s too much pressure!!!


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