Happy mother’s day

Happy mother’s day! I came across this little gem of a quote and thought it summarized my most important job as the mother to my three boys. This girl has seen some high points and some very low points on my motherhood journey, but all of it has made me, and is continuing to make me, a better human for my sons.

Some days, I am able to breeze through without any tantrums from boy number 3. I appreciate those days because they are so few. Then there are days that boy number 2 wants to talk my head off with some stuff that only a Jeopardy winner would know. I appreciate those days because he teaches me much. Oh and I can’t forget about those days where experiment number 1, I meant, boy number 1, calls my name 5,000 times. I appreciate those days because there was a time when I couldn’t hear his voice.

I called boy number 1, experiment number 1 because being a first time mom was like an experiment. I didn’t know anything about being a mother. Psst, guess what? I’m still kind of experimenting with this motherhood thing. If you know of anyone that has mastered it, point me in their direction because I’m ready to take notes. Until then, enjoy your most important role as mom, and give yourself some grace.

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