How The Honey Pot Company Fooled Us

I have been a huge fan of the Honey Pot Company for quite some time and fell in love with most of their products. I was a loyal customer until recently a user on Twitter asked the company a question that made clutch my imaginary pearls! Wait, so that’s why “something was off” with my... Continue Reading →

Choose Yourself

While watching the news on yesterday, I couldn't help but listen intently at how the French Open was failing one of it's biggest stars, Naomi Osaka. This young lady had willingly made herself vulnerable and human by telling her employer that she suffered from depression. Her cry for help was so loud, that instead of... Continue Reading →

Inner Peace

I had to remind myself of this after thinking back on what happened at work today. Daily, I am trying to become a better version of myself, and some days I make the mark, and on some days I'm off my mark.  I am constantly becoming more mindful of my thoughts and I can honestly... Continue Reading →

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