How The Honey Pot Company Fooled Us

I have been a huge fan of the Honey Pot Company for quite some time and fell in love with most of their products. I was a loyal customer until recently a user on Twitter asked the company a question that made clutch my imaginary pearls!

Wait, so that’s why “something was off” with my favorite aloe and cucumber wash? There was no announcement about the product’s new formula, if there was, it was not publicized very well. I feel betrayed and let down because I remember when the feminine wash was sold out everywhere and I signed up for emails to alert me when they restocked. Once they did restock I ordered extras. I’m regretting that now.

The product used to boast that it was all natural and plant based on the front of their bottles, but that badge of honor has disappeared front the reformulated versions. They’ve gone and messed up our good thing. The company now responds to customer questions about the new formula with a generic response that includes a blurb about it being “plant derived.”

Just when women had finally gotten a product that was actually good for our va-jay jays, the company has decided to go and mess things up because I, like many other women, can tell the difference in the product. We can’t have anything nice, geesh! I hope that the company finds its way back to the original formula because that’s what women wanted and needed from an industry for us but not really for us. If you’re a Honey Pot girl, let me know your thoughts on the new formula and if you’re feeling it or not.

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