Just a reminder: Check on your peeps

Recently, I had the unfortunate and fortunate privilege of hearing some of my closest family and friends say things that made me realize how important it is to just check on with your loved ones. Especially, the ones that don’t say much or don’t ask for much. I said that it was unfortunate because I really hate that they were feeling the way they were feeling and that I had to witness it. It was also fortunate for me hearing it as well because now I know that I owe it to them and myself to check in on them ever so often. Just to let them know that it is totally okay to feel like you are overwhelmed with whatever load that you may be carrying.

Lately, I have not been doing a good job, I feel, checking in on my peeps. I’ve been consumed with my own mess and took my mind off of some folks that have checked in on me from time to time. If any of you are reading this, I’m sorry and I will do better. In the African American community, mental wellness has stigma to it, and that is unfortunate because many of our children are depressed or dealing with feelings that they do not know how to navigate their way through. Those children grow up to become adults that have never dealt with those issues and they pass this way of thinking onto their children. The cycle continues until someone is brave enough to break.

Last year, I took the first step in breaking the cycle that my family had been by obtaining a therapist. Let me tell you, it has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Since going, I have felt more confident in myself, I have learned to give myself and children more grace than I had been used to extending, and quiet a few other deep seeded issues that I had with my mom and dad. The past few months of my life have been a living hell and to many folks they would probably think that that was not the case. Fully committing myself to my overall wellness had to include my mental wellness, and I truly believe that God had me on this road that I am on so that I would take mental wellness more seriously. My children require a mother that is dedicated to ensuring that they a well spiritually, mentally, and physically and this is something that I fully committed to achieving.

Now, for the folks that may know me personally, and are supportive enough to read my blog posts, please do not use my transparency to further the stigma in our community about mental health. If you feel the urge to do this, I would rather you consider checking in on a friend or family member that may have been on your mind recently instead. Now, I have a list of people that I need to reach out to so I’ll have to end it here for now.

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