How to Have a Successful First Day Back to School

My oldest two boys had their first day back to school on Monday (I know it’s a lot earlier than many schools, but they attend a charter school that has a year round schedule with a few mini breaks throughout the year) and of course they were excited. I was even more excited because it meant that the human food vacuums were leaving my house between the hours of 7:30 am and at least 3:00 pm. I can’t believe the amount of food two little boy human could eat until this summer.

When 6:30 am came, I had no problem with them waking up and getting dressed, and we even left the house on time. If you’re a parent that’s has the responsiblity of getting the kids ready for school and out of the house, then you know how important and accomplished I felt when we were able to leave the house on time. We had been preparing for this for a while and after school, the boys informed me that their first day was indeed a good one for them and all parties involved…well sort of. Here are a few tips on how to try to have a successful first day of school for your family:

  • Let the little people play an active role in the prep work. Whether it is letting them pick out their own backpack, shoes and clothes, having their own opinions acknowledge means a lot to them. I’ve created a checklist that my 3rd and 5th grader use the night before school to make the next morning easier.
  • Get back into your school routine by changing from the summer break bedtime to the school bedtime at least a week prior. This gives children time to get their little clocks back on schedule.
  • Go to open house/meet-the-teacher nights. So many required forms are completed at these events. You also get the opportunity to introduce yourself and your child to their new teacher and begin building that necessary relationship that you will need with their teacher to help have a successful school year.
  • Meet with the team. The team, includes any and everyone that may have to assist with before school care, afterschool care, car pool, emergency contacts, etc. Discuss plans for how you will need their services and be sure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Document the milestone. I know some folk may say that I’m corny (my oldest two boys have said this), but I think it is important to take pictures of their first and last day of whatever grade.
  • Pray. I know that sounds simple, but it means a lot. The night before their first day, my middle boy begged me to pray with him because he had a special prayer. Well his prayer had nothing do with having a great first day of school, and everything to do with thanking God for video games and his favorite cousin having a fun day playing those video game. Not exactly the prayer that I would have prayed or the prayer that I thought he was going to pray, but hey it was his prayer. I did follow-up with a more direct prayer related to school, though.

This list probably will not work for everyone, but it has helped my family so far and I’m sure that we’ll do a little tweaking to this list. I’m just happy that we’re back on our no electronic during the school week schedule, my food bill can go back to normal, and a little bit of balance is back in my universe ( I almost sound like Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War). This balance will only last until homework is assigned to the boys and my frustration level is elevated. I cringe just thinking about it.

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