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Something has got to give.  Those were my thoughts when I realized that I had forgotten that baby boy had his first dentist appointment.  The dentist office had sent a text and an email as reminders earlier in the week, and I read both of them, but still forgot.

It didn’t end there though, because I ended up leaving my cell phone at my mom’s house the very next day.  Thankfully, my mom who knows that I would leave my head if it weren’t attached to my body, had my uncle bring it all the way to me.

Oh, and just when I thought I was done, at least for the week, I one up’d myself and forgot that same cell phone when we left the home the very next evening.  So if anyone called or texted me during either event, I wasn’t ignoring you as usual, but I legit was away from my phone.  It was then that I realized, again, that I was overwhelmed and needed to try and get my back on track.

I tried writing down a so called to-do list, but I forgot where I put it. So I downloaded a couple of apps that I that I thought would help me with keeping my tasks, appointments, and grocery lists all in one location and send me constant reminders (because I need constant reminders)., Reminder, and Goal Meter are three that I am currently testing out.

So far, is my favorite. This app lets you sync your mobile phone, desktop,  or tablet.  I tried it on my phone and the set up was simple. I loved the missed call and call follow-up features but just to get some more colors or themes, it costs $35.88 plus tax/a year.  Can you say no thanks?

Reminder was a little more basic, which is good because it gets right to the point and reminds you of whatever you’ve added to your lists that you can customize. There’s just a lot of ads.

Goal Meter is more for managing projects and other things that busy folks have going on…I haven’t really delved into this one but I think I’m going to uninstall it since I don’t really see a need for it just yet.

I do realize that none of these apps or any other app for that matter is truly going to help me with being overwhelmed because I’m the only one that is truly in control of that.  So I’m tasking myself with some small goals that include me tuning out some distractions during key moments of my day.  When I wake up, I will give myself time to get ready for the day without “checking in.” No social media or any other usage of my cell phone, unless my mom or sister calls (even though I talk to them SEVERAL times a day).  Being socially connected is draining and requires way too much extra attention that I don’t have.

For the most part, I have to say that I keep a clean home (yes with three small boys, my home is almost always clean, but that baby boy has been giving me a run for my money), but I do have a method to keeping it tidy.  I do small cleaning  througout the week because cleaning just happens to be a calming mechanism for me.  Funny thing is that it is usually during cleaning times that I remember something that I was supposed to do though.

With the boys being back in school, my anxiety levels have increased because nothing moves slower than a child when their mom is trying to get everyone out of the house on time.  Shoes, backpacks, pencils, jackets, and clothing period become lost items all of a sudden.  Whoosah! Did I tell you my anxiety levels have increased?

For the remainder of this year, I am committed to decluttering my hectic life of some stuff that I just can’t fit into my day an longe, and will pray that some of my friends will understand that it’s life and I still love them.  So if anyone calls or texts me on  I won’t be ignoring you as usual, but I’ll legit be away from my phone. When I get back to it,  I will see your missed call and forget to call you back or I’ll see your text, reply to it, but forget to hit send.  Just remember, I’m trying.

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  1. Thanks for the invite and I’ll be watching for “help” cause lord knows I’d leave my head some where if it wasn’t attached to my shoulders…lol it gets crazy with being a single mother of two (11&20) trying to met the needs and wants going in different directions. Getting back into the dating world didn’t help much either cause trying to split 24 hours between (mother,children&man)…help!!!!! so for not being able to give motivation and tips

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