Thursday Thoughts: It’s Okay To Be Cool With People You Aren’t Cool With Anymore.

How many times have you had a falling out with a friend, family member, coworker, or boyfriend/girlfriend? How many times have you may have seen them some time later and have been able to maintain your composure? How many times have not been able to hold your composure and just pop off on them for another round?

Don’t go for another round 🤦🏾 Move on. It’s so not worth it, and at some point you have find peace with the situation, forgive whatever needs forgiveness, and know that you can move on without them being in your life any longer.

For several months I’ve been battling anxiety, depression, fear, and unforgiveness. It has been paralyzing at times, and I wouldn’t even want to get out of the bed. Then, there have been times that I’ve been able to fake my way through and give everyone “normal” me.

It can be such a struggle to just be “normal”. Whatever “normal” really is. Daily devotions from the Bible apps, daily prayers from my sister- friends, and the encouragement from my mom and aunties have been a saving grace.

During these months, I have looked at so many people differently, myself included. I’ve done some self evaluations and began repairing a broken relationship with someone very near and dear to me. Thankfully, I didn’t let my issues continue to keep me from owning my part in fracturing that relationship.

Thank God for growth. Woth growth came thw ability to forgive myself and other people that I didn’t deal anymore with because I felt wronged by. Sometimes I wish I could go back and retrieve other failed friendships, but I have had to realize that not every friendship has to, needs to, or will be a friendship again.

However, I do think it is important to accept the failed relationship for what it is, not harbor any ill feelings, and genuinely be happy for all of their successes.

This should be applied to friends, coworkers, boyfriends, girlfriends, whomever. I read a post by Barb Schmidt that said,

“Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. It also does not mean that the other person will change their behavior, be sorry, or understand why you have been hurt or how.

Forgiveness is about you. When you forgive the other person you are setting yourself free from the trauma, hurt, heartache, and pain that another person has caused you.

In my early days I thought forgiveness meant forgiving what the person did and then feeling okay with being friends with them, having lunch, and letting them back into my life. This has not been the case for me especially in severe situations. I have set myself free, and wish them well from afar. 👍”

How have you handled hurt caused by a someone close? Do you find it hard to forgive or is there some things that just can’t be forgiven?

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