What A Week

This week was packed with so many things that had to be done. Most of them were with and for the little peeps. I can promise you that I did not envision my life being this way. I did not envision me having to adult this hard. Whew chile, the struggle is really real.

I am still, and very unsuccessfully, trying to get my soon to be two years old boss out of my bed and into his own toddler bed. Did I mention that I was not winning at this? If anyone has any tips on how to win at this, please send them my way.

Ok, back to my week. Halloween was so much fun this year because we went trick or treating with friends and did it the old fashion way instead of the usual trunk or treats or fall festival nights that I drag the older boys to. My oldest boy told me that I am a lot nicer since I don’t work outside of the house anymore. That made me feel good because now that I’m not stressed, my children aren’t being stressed as well. Kids are so intuitive.

This week had also allowed me the importance of boundaries. My middle boy had temporary lapse in judgment and thought that it would be ok the tease another kid, who is about my height in the 3rd grade. The kid ended up stabbing my son with a pencil in the chest causing only a minor puncture, thank God. I punished my son for teasing and causing the incident and he crossed the line and could have been seriously hurt.

Additionally, I can’t help but think about the principal’s phone call telling me about how he skinny shouldn’t have been teasing and he wouldn’t have been stabbed, essentially. I know I’m not the only mother that replay conversations, right? I am not minimizing my son’s role in the incident, but I think another conversation with the principal will be happening next week just so we’re clear on everyone’s share of responsibility is being given equally.

Finally, I had my own incident with boundaries being crossed. I’ve had to end a working relationship with someone because he felt the need to tell me that he wanted to be with me, even though he’s married and it is inappropriate on so many levels. What a sleeze! 🤮 However, that incident has cause me to reevaluate some of my other relationships. I’ve been a bit too relaxed and have allowed some boundaries to be crossed in other areas of my life. Time to get some order back. Stay tuned.

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