It Takes A Village

I firmly believe that the people that are in your life are in your life on purpose. I have been fortunate enough to have met people that genuinely care about me and my boys and I believe that I’m able to count on them.

Recently, my schedule was changed up and I’m not able to spend as much time doing all of my mommy duties during the week anymore. Thank God for my village. My middle boy called me at work yesterday in a tizzy about him not having anyone eat Thanksgiving Day lunch at school with him. I knew exactly which one of my friends would’ve been able to step up for me, and it took one call and my boy didn’t have to be the only child in his class without a guest.

As I type, I feel a rush of emotions because I hate that I couldn’t make it, but I also knew that there are some things that you have to make happen for your children as well. This Was one of those times. My son was alright with the fact that it wasn’t me or my mom, but he said he just needed someone to be there for him.

It also didn’t hurt that my stand in (one of my friends in law enforcement, that has taken on the role of uncle to my boys) was dressed in his uniform. Just to be sure that I didn’t disappoint my baby, I asked him if he was satisfied and he said yes and have me the biggest hug ever. Little did he know, his mama needed that hug from him.

As a single mother, with friends that are single mothers, we lean on one another for different things and it is important to me that I continue to nurture those relationships because and do my part when I’m needed by someone in the village.

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