Hey Mama, Take Some Time For Yourself

As parents we can get caught up in our daily routines that we have. As the school year begins to draw to an end. For many of us who have school age children, we have the task of ensuring that our little people finish the year on a good note. My oldest two boys are prepping for their end of the year Fields Day activities, the busy body toddler has a water-day at daycare, and the only plans that I have only include work and getting them ready for their stuff.

Mama is tired! I, like many other moms, just want some time for myself. Oh, and since I’m feeling real cute, I might want a girls night out event too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not thing to duck out on my job as mommy, but I just think all mamas need an end of the year break as well.

I probably should get back to my motherly duties and close this post out and ensure that my little tribe is sleeping, but by sounds of the toddler heading in my direction, I seriously doubt that they’re asleep. Mamas, don’t forget to refill yourselves after pouring all of yourselves into your family and other responsibilities. You’re no good to anyone if you aren’t mentally, physically, and spiritually well.

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