Mama’s loosing it all… well, mainly my wallet

Remind me to never take my boys into another store! On last Friday, I apparently had lost the very little bit that is left of my mind when I ventured into TJ Maxx thinking I could get in and out with all three of the boys (insert eye roll). Big mistake. The two year old sang loudly his favorite song, Old Town Road and laughed at every single thing his older two brothers were doing. Oh, you wanna know what they were doing? They were running and jumping all over the place, breathing on one another, and hyping up the baby to act a fool along with them, as if he needed any help.

For the most part, I kept my cool and didn’t allow the boys’ ruckus to side track me from just getting a shirt and getting back out of the store. I was almost successful until my adult ADHD get the best of me and I ended up looking at purses and wallets. That was the beginning of my adult nightmare. Apparently, I had taken my wallet out to compare the size of another wallet. When I finished, I unknowingly placed both wallets back down and continued to the check out counter. Now, I know you’re probably saying well I would realize it once I got ready to pay for my shirt right? Wrong! I had my debit card in my back pocket so it didn’t even click to me that I no longer had my wallet. Plus, by this time, the two year is crying for some candy that is strategically placed near the registers and mama’s losing her s#&+.

I realize on Saturday morning that I don’t have my wallet anymore and try to retrace my steps so I head back to my office at work and come up empty handed. I had completely forgotten that I even went to the store with the Wild Thornberries so I never thought to go back there. After checking my credit cards and other debit card activities, I see that no one has used them. Whew, I think, it must be some place safe or some honest person found it and thank God there are still good people in this world. I was singing a different tune on Tuesday when I got back to work because I had to get another driver’s license, social security card, health insurance card, and new credit cards. This was the worst thing ever because it felt like I was starting my life over again and not in a good way either.

Fast forward to today, Thursday, and one of my good friends call and texts me that someone had found my wallet at TJ Maxx. The store staff was really great about wanting to find me because the store manager decided to use good ole Facebook to find me. When I got the wallet back, everything was in there. Even the cash that I had left in there as way to budget myself to use only the money in the wallet for the next two weeks. So much for that plan. The interesting thing about all of this is that during church on Sunday, my pastor’s message was “What you thought you had lost, is on it’s way back to you.” Of course my mom, whom I tell all of my business to just because (that’s another blog post for another day), said that last Sunday’s message was clearly for me and that God does indeed still have some good people around. As for me, I’ve learned my lesson on taking my crew into any other store until they’re all over the age of thirty! I’ve also learned that had I been a little more organized, I would have realized a whole lot sooner that I did not have all of my stuff. I need to de-clutter my brain and maybe seek out Marie Condo or someone.

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