The Way Things Were

20200524_101806_00003452694875292862873.pngI had a conversation with my ten year and twelve year old sons on their feelings about the current pandemic, and let’s just say it was eye opening.  As a mom that is still having to report to work while my children are being watched by my mom throughout the day, I am usually consumed with “work” problems, and really haven’t given it a second thought about how my boys may have been feeling about their new normal. Actually, I didn’t think that they were paying attention and that they have been enjoying not having to go to school. Boy was I wrong.

I began the conversation by asking them how they have been doing since not having to go to school (I know I am a little late in asking that, but I’m not perfect and neither are you)?  My oldest surprised me by saying that this has been the worst year ever, and that he wants to go back to school, immediately. Of all people, I expected this child to love being out of school because let’s just say before all of this, he wasn’t the most cooperative child to get out of the house every morning when it was time to go to school.  He also told me that having to stay home has made him depressed and increased his anxiety.  My ten year chimed in and said that he felt the same way and wanted his life to go back to the way things were before.

My heart really breaks for my boys and other kids that are having to adjust. They’re feeling robbed of so many things that they feel that they should be able to enjoy.  The oldest has at least been able to connect several times a day, virtually, with his friends via video games but my ten year old really misses the face to face interaction with his friends.  I wish I could tell them when all of this will be over, but that is impossible.  What I have decided to do is to relax some of my rules regarding electronics especially since they have officially submitted all of their school work and the school year ends on May 29th for them.  Many children, like mine, have had to deal with a great deal this year, and we’re only five months into the year. I can’t promise them that life will “go back” to the way it was for them, but I will help them adjust as best as I can to our new normal.  Thank goodness I have wine to assist me with this adjustment period.

For useful tips on how to help your child cope with COVID-19 please visit Child Mind Institute 


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