Your Sunday Reminder

As I head into a new week, I am committing at least 10 hours of my next 5 days, to intentional self-care. It has been on my list of things to do, but as a mom, it tends to get shuffled to the end of the list or off of the list completely.

Some ideas that I’ve come up with on this good Sunday morning include:

  1. Breathe. That is all you need to do. Deeply inhale through your nose, and gently blow out through your mouth. You would be surprise at how quick this can calm and center you.
  2. Move. Whether it is a 20 minute walk, a 20 minute yoga session, or putting on some music and dancing.
  3. Journal your thoughts, affirmations, goals, or ideas. Remember, these things are only dreams until you write them out.
  4. Listen to a self-care podcast. Some of my favorites include: Brown Girl Self-Care podcast, Therapy for Black Girls, Clever Girl Finance, and Modern Mom Probs. Found all of these gems on Instagram.
  5. Take some time away from everyone and everything and do whatever you want to do. Even if it means doing nothing at all.

Feel free to add some of your own self-care tips that you have tried or look forward to trying.

4 thoughts on “Your Sunday Reminder

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  1. Thank you so much for this reminder to take time for me. One of my very best friends and I often chat about how we pour into our children, work, and home but never take a breather for ourselves. During this pandemic, I found myself sitting on my back porch. Yes, that may seems subtle but its something I never took the time to do. I have always admired an outdoor space that I could relax and reflect. We’ve been in this home for 9 years and I have never just sat and enjoyed my own space. I gawk at vacation spots with nice balconies and gazebos but I have a pretty nice space of my own that I never indulged in until lately. I grab a book or my journal, a glass of something, my shades and I rock in my chair. The breezes come and I am in heaven on earth. Something as simply hanging out on my back porch unbothered, breathing in fresh air and not feeling obligated to budge for no one else is my little piece of happiness!

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