Skincare Tips For the Busy Mom or Any Woman

Having kids causes so many changes to a woman’s body both during pregnancy and afterwards. Sometimes, long after a mother has given birth, she is still dealing with the effects of carrying another life for nine months.

After going through one of my social media timelines, I came across a friend’s post about her adult acne (hey, girl, hey) and I could definitely relate.

I have been blessed with really great skin but I’ve had some challenges with adult acne, dry patches, uneven tones, large pores, you name. Having three kids didn’t help any of this because hormonal changes effected my skin a great deal as well.

There’s no one scientific way to achieve great skin, it’s really in your routine, overall health, and of course, genetics. Since I can’t do anything about your genes, I can at least offer some of my go to tips and products that have helped me get back to healthy skin.

Keep your face clean by washing it twice a day. Find a gentle cleanser that does not have any harsh drying agents in it. Fragrances, dyes, and soap can dry out your skin. Avoid cleansers that have dyes and fragrances, and be sure to wash off excess soap. A great gentle cleanser that I use is “>First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. I use this in the morning and at night. It is great at removing dirt, oil, and makeup, and it is great for sensitive skin and non-comodogenic (won’t clog your pores).

You have have to know that moisture is your best friend when it comes to healthy skin. I drink plenty of water and I use an oil-free moisturizer so I’m not clogging up my pores because that leads to pimples.

I’m African American, and I know a lot of people think that we don’t need to wear sunscreen, but it is a must that we do. So not only is my moisturizer oil-free, it has SPF in it. ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Neutrogena has a really good oil-free face moisturizer with SPF that I use daily. I never leave the house without SPF on my face whether it’s in my moisturizer or in a tinted moisturizer.

At night, be sure that you are pre-washing your face if you’ve worn makeup. Then, use your gentle cleanser and avoid washing your face in the shower because the water temperature is hotter in the shower than what you would use at the sink. Warm water is better for your pores. Next, use a toner, especially if you have really oily skin. Then, you can apply any serums or eye creams. Finally, you should apply a moisturizer or night cream.

While working on your skin, be sure you’re watching what you eat and drink because some foods and drinks can contribute to acne. Sugars and greasy foods can cause your body to produce more oil. More oil means that your pores can become clogged. Clogged pores lead to pimples. So lay off of the sweet stuff.

You can check out my Pinterest board on skincare for more tips and techniques on achieving great skin.

What is your skincare routine and what are some of your favorite skincare products? I am always eager to try out some new products.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you.

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  1. Skincare is SO important and often overlooked…especially because we are all so busy! Thanks for sharing these tips, I’m sure a lot of women could benefit from reading!

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